Stapleford Tawney (Essex)
"Stapleford Tawney: Stepples or piles over the river, and ancient owners"

Webpage devoted to one of our four parishes in the High Country in Essex.

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Stapleford Tawney in 1887. 

The following is taken from ‘Durrant’s Handbook For Essex’ written by Miller Christy (Durrant & Co., Chelmsford, 1887).  

Staple’ford Tawney. A.1633; P. 222; Rectory, value(with Theydon Mount) £750; 4m. S.E. from Epping.  

This parish takes its distinctive name from the family of Tany, who held it, with many other estates in Essex, in the 13th cent. The church (St. Mary) is small, picturesque, and of ancient origin, though most of its interesting features have been restored away. It is chiefly of flint, and consists of nave, S. aisle, and chancel, with timber tower and spire containing two bells, dated 1611 and 1630 respectively  It is evidently of 13th cent. (E. Eng.) origin, as there are in the chancel three tall lancet windows on the E., and one on the S., also a S. door of the same age, but later windows have been inserted. There are two ancient square niches or aumbries. On the floor is a tombstone  which once had a double, inscribed fillet, a cross, and a hand holding a scroll, all in brass, date about 1491(?). Suttons (Sir C. C. Smith, Bart.) is a modern house of stone, overlooking a picturesque and well-wooded park, through which flows the Roding.

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