Stanford Rivers (Essex)
"Stanford Rivers: A ford over the Roden, paved with stone"

Webpage devoted to one of our four parishes in the High Country in Essex.

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Stanford Rivers in 1887

The following is taken from ‘Durrant’s Handbook For Essex’ written by Miller Christy (Durrant & Co., Chelmsford, 1887). 

Stan’ford Rivers.  A. 4386; P.975; Rectory, value £1077; 2m. S.W. from Ongar.

A scattered parish, named probably form the once stony ford through the Roding, and from its owners in the 13th cent. The church (St. Mary) is chiefly of stone, and consists of nave and chancel, with a tower and small spire of timber running up through the W. end of the former. It has no Aisles, and is therefore remarkable for its great length compared with its breadth. The nave and probably the chancel also, is
Norman, though the latter inserted doors and windows, chiefly of the 14th cent. (Decor.). The former has one on each side two Norman windows and a 3-light nondescript one. The two doors, from which the Norman work has been removed, now lead to the rooms which were formerly the porches. The entrance, therefore, is now from the W. The chancel has on the S. two 14th cent. (Decor.) windows, and one on the N., with three small square windows above and on each side. The E. window is a fine one in the 14th cent., new or much restored. The font is octagonal, of late Norman or E. Eng. Date. Its sides are  carved with pointed arches. There are brasses to Thos. Grenville  (a child, curious, 1942) Robt. Barrow, Esq. (1503), a man in armour, and wife (about 1540), and Ann Napper and her six sons, all kneeling (1584), also inscriptions on the stone to several of the Petres. The Register dates from (1558). Bellhouse, ½m. S.W., was formerly a seat of a branch of the Petre family. Here for some years dwelt the Rev. Isaac Taylor and his sister, Jane Taylor, both celebrated writers.
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