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Arthur Henry Smith, my grandfather, came to Mountnessing (Essex) in 1909. This webpage publishes news and notes on the development of my family history research. I would be delighted to hear from any of his many descendents.
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News and Updates. 

17 January 2010

Copy received of George Smith and family, taken at Great Burstead Grange in 1906. His wife and ten children pose for the photographer. Follow link to Smith page.

28 December 2009

Some rearranging of the mini site to accommodate a new page: Smith Family History - maternal line.

9 December 2009

I had a conversation with Irene Evans who wrote to me this week on hearing about the Centenary Celebration. She is the eldest daughter of Arthur's brother, Ted (Edward). Recalling the 1920s at Jordans Farm she wrote, "I remember well the wonderfully happy family we joined for meals. Uncle Arthur sat at the head of the table, and Auntie Lizzie at the foot, with a host of happy children - I have never forgotten those days!". She adds, "I thought it was a great achievement to have farmed at Jordans for one hundred years, and I congratulate you all".

28 November 2009

Further research has established the place of marriage of Arthur's father, George Samuel Smith - at Ingatestone to Jane Francis in October 1884.  The family lines of the Francis, Clark and Polley (respective maiden names of wives of each Smith) have been investigated revealing substantial Essex roots. Details will be collated and posted in due course on a webpage titled 'Maternal Lines of Enquiry'.

October / November 2009

Creation and population of this mini site.

26 September 2009

Descendents of Arthur Henry Smith had a party today to celebrate one hundred years of farming at Jordans Farm in Mountnessing. It was to there, in 1909, that my grandfather became a tenant farmer on land owned by Lord Petre. My cousin still farms the same land which is a great achievement and cause for celebration. The gathering, attended by many family and friends, provided an opportunity to view photographs and other memorabilia. Those into family history displayed their research and in preparation for the occasion I researched Arthur’s male ancestors.  

Researching a Smith family line at first sight sounds a daunting task given the fact that the name is common so I went with an open mind to the Essex Record Office one Monday morning. I had already obtained the census record for 1901 (when Arthur, aged 16, was living with his family) and the free listing of the 1881 census (obtainable from But within the space of three hours I had established the name of my gt gt gt gt grandfather, Henry, through using census records back to 1841 and parish registers copied onto microfiche. Why? It quickly became apparent that my family had lived throughout the nineteenth century in the parishes of Stock and Buttsbury. 

The photo at the top of the page is of Jordans Farm, taken in 1954, with traves (or thraves, known as stooks elsewhere) of corn in the foreground.
Last updated: 20 January 2010