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Arthur Henry Smith, my grandfather, came to Mountnessing (Essex) in 1909. This webpage publishes ancestors of those who married into the Smith family line. I would be delighted to hear from any of his many descendents.
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Provisional Data

Time did not allow me before September 2009 to investigate the families of those who married our Smith forefathers but a further session at the Essex Record Office revealed:

- Jane Francis married George Smith at Ingatestone on 25.10.1884

- Jane Francis’ parents were George Francis, an agricultural labourer (born Great Baddow), and Susannah (born Rettendon), living at Buttsbury in 1881 and Galleywood Common in the 1861 census

- Jane Francis was baptised 4.10.1863 at Great Baddow.  The reason is that Galleywood was not designated as a separate parish to Great Baddow until later. St Michael’s Church Galleywood was built 1872-73.

- George Francis (labourer) married Sarah (aka Susannah) Raven on 7.10.1848 at Rettendon

- George Francis' father was William Francis, labourer

- Susannah Raven's father was Edward Raven, labourer

- Susannah Raven was baptised 4.4.1830 at Rettendon. Her parents were Edward (aforementioned) and Hannah.

- but wait! Sarah Raven was baptised 4.4.1827 at the same place, born of the same parents. Who did George Francis marry? On the basis that the age of his bride is stated as 19, in all probability her married Susannah.

- Edmund (aka Edward on other entries) Raven married Hannah Bright (both of this parish, Rettendon) on 25.12.1815 (Christmas Day!).


Previous generation.

Daniel Smith & Eliza Clark, married 1861

- in 1851 we find Thomas Clark (father) and Sarah Clark (mother) with Eliza aged 15. Thomas was born at Danbury. Sarah was born Buttsbury. Their eldest son was William, aged 21 (in 1851).

- Thomas Clark and Sarah Nelson (both of Stock) married at Stock on 31.8.1822


There is plenty of research still to do but a pattern of Essex agricultural labourers is clearly evident in the nineteenth century.

Last updated: 28 December 2009