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Blackmore. Timeline

A Timeline in Local History for the village of Blackmore in Essex.
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National Event Year Local Event
William I 1066
Domesday Book 1086 Fingrith recorded in Domesday Book, not Blackmore
William II 1087
Henry I 1100
Stephen 1135
Henry II 1154
1160 Land given by Adam & Jordan de Samford, holders of Manor of Fingrith.  Authorisation to build Blackmore Priory (Augustinian order) by Richard, Bishop of London
1170 Likely earliest date of remaining portion of Blackmore Priory
Richard I 1189
John 1199
1213 The Bassett Canon
Henry III 1216
1232 King granted to Prior and Canons patent for one Fair a year
Edward I 1272
Edward II 1307
1310 Entry in registers of Bishop Baldock, Bishop of London, regarding the Prior maintaining Divine Offices for the parishioners of Blackmore
1315 Robert de Vere gave Fingrith land to Blackmore Priory
Edward III 1327
1349 Black Death
Richard II 1377
1397 Approximate date of Nave Roof at Blackmore Church. Sixteen shields record Earls of Oxford (de Vere family) and Royal Family
Henry IV 1399
1400 Date of church bell tower
Henry V 1413
Henry VI 1422
Edward IV 1461
Edward V, Richard III 1483
Henry VII 1485
Henry VIII 1509
1519 Illigitimate son of Henry VIII born to Elizabeth Blount at Blackmore Priory. Henry Fitzroy died in 1536, aged 17.
1527 Blackmore Priory dissolved and granted to Wolsey
1529 Fall of Wolsey
1531 Blackmore Priory granted to Waltham Abbey
1540 Waltham Abbey dissolved. Land at Blackmore granted to John Smyth
Edward VI 1547
Mary I 1553
Elizabeth I 1558
1583 Parishioners v. Smyth.  Court case over parishioners right to use Chancel
James I 1603
Authorised Version of the English Bible 1611
Charles I 1625
Commonwealth 1649
Charles II 1660 Death of Simon Lynch, curate
Book of Common Prayer 1662
Act of Parliament for burial in wool 1678
James II 1685
William & Mary (jointly) 1689
William III (sole ruler) 1694
Anne 1702
George I 1714
George II 1727
Hardwick's Act: standard format for Marriage Register 1753
George III 1760
Roses Act: standard format for Baptism and Burial registers 1812
George IV 1820
William IV 1830
Victoria 1837
1841 Baptist Chapel, School House and rooms built on land owned by Ashley Barrett of Jessops
1877 Church Restoration. New Board School opened in Blackmore in response to 1870  Education Act.
1894 Formation of Blackmore Parish Council
1897 24 June: Essex hailstorm devastates crops and ruins fruit and vegetables in gardens.  OS Map of Blackmore
1898 Major restoration begins on church
King Edward VII 1901 Crickett tomb opened. Lady Chapel consecrated
1902 Church Restoration celebrations
King George V 1910 1910 Electoral Roll for Blackmore
Start of First World War.  Diocese of Chelmsford created 1914
End of First World War 1918
1920 Dedication on War Memorial
King Edward VIII. King George VI 1936
Start of Second World War 1939
End of Second World War 1945 Revd. C P Flatt writes 'Guide Book' to 'Church of St Laurence, Blackmore'
Queen Elizabeth II 1952
1954 Leather Bottle public house destroyed by fire. Rebuilt and reopened 1956
1958 Aerial photograph
1964 Jubilee of Diocese of Chelmsford
1966 New edition of Church Guide Book
1968 Large expansion of population: Orchard Piece, Meadow Rise and Woollard Way built in old village centre. Large number of houses constructed at Hook End and Wyatts Green
1970 New Primary School opened in Blackmore
1987 Aug: Blackmore village flooded in torrential rain. Oct: Hurricane
2004 Church bell tower tree ring dated
2005 New edition of Church Guide Book
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